Branding and packaging design.

Heading the fourth generation of a coffee growers family in Brazil, the founder of Aequitas decided to do something relevant and impactful on the lives of those who live in the countryside: To streamline the traditional way – Farmer / Cooperative / Middleman / Exporter / Importer / Roaster / Consumer – for a reduced path, from the farm straight to importers and roasters, providing greater empowerment to producers and, collective growth, transparency in relations and equity between men and women throughout the whole process.

Client: Aequitas
Date: 2017
Services: Branding, packaging

Aequitas in Latin means Equity and was personified in a goddess of equality and fair trade illustrating coins in Ancient Rome. 

This figure was the starting point for the conception of the brand, where the goddess gained latin characteristics and indomitable female strength.